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Tips of Dungeon Battle

2015-09-06 11:58:23

The alliance dungeon has been available for a while. Do you enjoy the awesome dungeon? Let's learn more about the Dungeon Battle.


Requirements to play Dungeon battle
Your alliance reaches level 15


How to Play Dungeon Battles
Only the chief can use Alliance Order to open dungeon battles. After the chief opened the dungeon battles, alliance members can enter dungeon to fight.


How to gain Alliance Order
Members sign in to get Alliance Order, maximum of the day is 50, and your alliance can have a max of 350 alliance orders.


Requirements to pass dungeons
1. To destroy all the buildings (except traps) is regarded as passing a stage, pass all the five small stages and the boss stage will be regarded as passing a dungeon battle.
2. Every stage can only be challenged by one member. After the battle, the HP of building will be kept and the followers will inherit the progress of the last battle until all buildings' HP becomes 0.


1. Rewards are sent according to the process of your alliance dungeon battle. The alliance dungeon panel will display your dungeon progress and what rewards you will win between the progress range.
2. If you pass the boss stage directly, you could only earn the responding progress rewards.
3. After every challenge of each stage, you will earn Prestige. The harder the stage you challenge, the more Prestige you will earn.
4. If your alliance dungeon battle's progress meets the requirements to win rewards, trophy chests will be sent to the loot warehouse and you can claim the responding rewards.


Notes: If you join an alliance after a dungeon battle has been opened, you cannot play the dungeon battle and claim the dungeon battle's rewards either.