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How to Use Ma Chao and Jiang Wei Smartly

2015-08-31 13:19:57

Ma Chao is a 7-Star hero. He and his skill may not be familiar to some lords. Besides, some lords may think he is not as powerful as other 7-Star heroes. In fact, if you use him smartly, he can turn the tide of a battle.

According to a real battle, here are some tips about how to use him smartly.

1. Deploy a small number of troops first. It's suggested you deploy some archers and exploding cattle to withstand enemies' fire and allure their alliance reinforcements to come out.

2. Deploy an archer on the left of the layout where there is no attack buildings, and then all enemies' archers will be allured to the left of the layout. And now comes alchemists' time. Deploy an alchemist (Ranged Area Splash) and the alchemist will wipe out all the enemy archers.

3. Next comes Zhuge Liang's time. Deploy Zhuge Liang to wipe out the buildings outside of the walls. It will take a long time for a single hero to wipe out the buildings. So also deploy your archers and heavy cavalries to wipe out the buildings outside as soon as possible, cleaning out a road for Ma Chao and Jiang Wei.

4. Finally comes Ma Chao and Jiang Wei's time. Deploy Ma Chao, Jiang Wei and the remaining troops. And then release Ma Chao's skill. Because most buildings on the left side have been destroyed in the previous steps, Ma Cha and Jiang Wei will head to the enemy's headquarter directly.

Keep it in mind that release Jiang We's skill to stun enemy heroes to prevent your heroes and troops from being attacked by enemy heroes.

In a word, Ma Chao is a very powerful hero. No matter how thick walls your enemy has, the walls cannot fend off Ma Chao at all. Ma Chao's skill allows your troops to climb over the walls, destroying enemies' Headquarter directly.