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Reference of City Layout With Lv.9 Headquarter Ⅱ

2015-08-27 14:39:23

Last time we have provided you 2 layouts with LV.9 Headquarters. It's certain that every lord wants to have an amazing, creative, and original City designs. Now will offer you another 2 layouts for your reference.

For a level 9 Headquarter, you have a purgatory tower, more walls and traps to use. Everyone knows how powerful the purgatory tower is. Making full use of your purgatory tower, traps and walls can turn the tide of a battle. Generally speaking, you'd better not build up closed walls. It's suggested you make some gaps (in fact place traps) to lure enemies.

Layout 1`s Feature

  1. This layout will protect your Headquarter and resources, and fire is also well-distributed.

  2. Catapults and Dragon Cannons are well distributed, with their fire covering as many places as possible. Meteor Crossbows and Archer Towers are at the outer ring. The traps are placed on the road from which soldiers will surely come by.

  3. From the layout, you can see it's not easy for enemies to deploy troops from the bottom. What's more, there are 2 layers of walls at the bottom, making it more difficult to attack. As a result, enemies will usually deploy their troops from the top side. So the top of the layout is full of traps.


Layout 2`s Feature

  1. The resource buildings are placed outside, winning time for the ranged defense buildings to attack.

  2. 4 corners are protected by attack buildings, while the roads in the middle are full of hidden traps.

  3. 4 defend heroes are placed at four corners to prevent resources from being stolen by archers.

  4. Around the Headquarter, powerful ranged defense buildings like Magic Crossbow and so on are placed.