Dynasty War Dynasty War - US Romantic Diary War of Samkok


The Analysis of Sima Yi

2015-08-26 07:34:11

Sima Yi`s skill is powerful, increasing damage by 75%, attack speed by 39% for friendly units in the range for 18 seconds. It`s obvious that Sima Yi is the most powerful among all the support hero.

Sima Yi can significently improve your soldiers` attack in a very short time. Why need him? Firstly,  the HP damage of defense installations and walls is huge, especially Purgatory Tower Mauler. Its damage increases by the time, which will wound heroes and soldiers a lot.  Besides, Sima Yi is also important when skills of hero is max and nothing can be done to improve them. During the battle, he will assemble all the force to break through. The timing of usage is simple, after human shield of soldiers attract fire, assault all troops which could force to break through (especially alchemist, cavalry and healer), and you can damage anything in front of you in 18 seconds.

In a word, Sima Yi is the only hero among 7-Star Heroes which would increase soldier`s damage and speed. The partnership of him is relatively easy to achieve. He is the essential hero who is high in CP when you haven`t got strong hero lineup.